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I have probably read this 3 times.

By: Midnightcowboy
I think the key point in all of these threads was the one about Linux "getting together", and unfortunately it's never gonna happen. Half of the people concerned are loners by nature - shut away developing their next string, and the rest now have commercial sponsors to satisfy. Still the biggest handicap is that with Windows you can double click whatever it is on the desktop and just watch the files disappear into the right holes. Doesn't matter that the whole thing might go BSOD next week, users are looking at the 'now' and not so much at the 'if' and 'maybe'. The one thing I felt using Ubuntu, although I never really liked it, was that I'd never felt safer using a PC. I hardly looked at Firestarter, and then only to see that there were actually some entries in it. Sort of disbelief really. It would actually be an interesting project to try and measure just how much time an "averagely responsible user" spends attending to their various Windows security apps. I think we'd all be surprised.

I just now got the point you are making. I also think in addition to those thoughts:
If its open source with the light of day upon it. It should be safe.
Then Code standards are a must!


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