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Here's something similar for the "AdBlock":
3. We're waiting on a Chrome feature that will allow us to block ads from being downloaded. Until then, we remove them after the fact. This means that even if you subscribe to the EasyPrivacy list, your browser will still be pinging the URLs that track you.

And what follows is for AdBlock + Element Hiding Helper:
For now, AdBlock Plus subscriptions are supported, but only for "elements hiding rules", because Chrome does not yet have “content policy”. However, you can use checkbox "use blocking rules" for conversion "blocking rules" to supported format.
And a difference between Chrome and Iron is here (ibid):
Also you can use this extension together with Iron or ChromePlus which supported real ad-blocking.
And this bit is confusing to me but sounds promising:
Latest versions support the real blocking google-ads. (original idea by aaafwd, afaik).

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