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Default Crazy..yes, but lets look at it a different way.


I've very curious to see this through. I've actually just started helping someone with a similar issue. He is only using 1 computer so it makes it easier but it also brings something to mind regarding your situation.

Just so you know I operate from a "process of elimination" approach...

Anyways, I noticed
Originally Posted by dubina6
On Feb 18th, the ISP said we racked up 3.9 Gb of our 5+Gb monthly allowance.
Originally Posted by dubina6
And I'm baffled by the ISP's 3.9 GB Download on the 18th.
You used Gb(Gigabits) at first and then GB(GigaBytes). If you have your monitor set for bits vs. bytes then you're talking a x8 difference. 3.9Gb~487.50MB and 3.9GB~3,900.00MB. That could an issue. I know I've overlooked that when trying to figure out Internet Speeds and appropriate Network Hardware.

The other thing that comes to mind is there is probably a lot of background traffic from services (likes Automatic Updates for the OS or AntiVirus), but I doubt enough to make up the difference.

Now this last idea is a longshot but could definately explain things. If you have Router/Modem (I have an Aunt who has a 2wire device like this) combo unit there could be a possibility that the Modem (since it is also handling your LAN traffic) is sending your ISP all traffic it sees. If that is the case then the ISP needs to help you find a way to separate out your LAN vs. WAN traffic (this could also be the case with your monitoring software). They could argue that, from the data they receive, it just looks like Peer2Peer file sharing (which is true...but it's in your LAN, not their internet service).

Thats just a couple of things I'd wonder myself. I might be way off the mark, but if I'm not, then I hope that can help. If I am wrong then it narrows it down all the same.

I personally deal with a Cable ISP and they don't set limits (yet) so this info should prove just as useful for me when I help others in the future.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. I typed this up quickly and might have missed something, but, I feel getting the points/ideas accross were more important than perfect compisition.

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