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Doobie, I have had to reinstall operating systems many times ... all due to my meddling where I should not have been. In the early days, with OS/2 and Windows I did get a few of those 'catastrophic error' messages and sometimes my computer would jam up for no reason (Windows was good at this), but I managed to worm my way out of it. I have even ran TOS and Autocoder operating systems (pre DOS) ... am I giving away my age?

I still meddle (thinking I know what I am doing!!!) but I am less anxious about it now. There are so many good freeware apps that you can use to investigate problems, sites like this one where you can get help, and backup apps that allow you to recover all your stuff.

I think Kendall and others have a point regarding 'the clean slate' approach. It has merit and is worth considering. My XP system would be a good candidate (never had to reinstall it ... 8 years now ... after all my interference over the years it must be pretty much approaching hybrid status).