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Synaptic PM now works!

After I restarted Ubuntu I opened the Terminal, typed in the correct jargon and got the following message:

Package configuration

Configuring grub-pc

You chose not to install GRUB to any devices. If you continue, the boot

loader may not be properly configured, and when your computer next
starts up it will use whatever was previously in the boot sector. If
there is an earlier version of GRUB 2 in the boot sector, it may be
unable to load modules or handle the current configuration file.

If you are already running a different boot loader and want to carry on

doing so, or if this is a special environment where you do not need a
boot loader, then you should continue anyway. Otherwise, you should
install GRUB somewhere.

Continue without installing GRUB?

<Yes> <No>

After highlighting yes and then hitting the return key, hey presto!!

I may go home and prepare myself for government, either that or lay down in a darkened room.

Thanks everyone for all your help.
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