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I thought all USB ports were functionally the same!
I would have agreed until I discovered the problem on my desktop. I think that it may be a voltage supply problem or something.

Sorry I can't be of more help Torres. I am often in the same boat with Linux. Most of the time I feel pretty confident in Linux, but then something odd happens and I have no idea what to do. Like this very morning. I was rebooting and got this error after selecting ubuntu in grub. "Kernel panic not syncing VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block." Googled that from my wife's laptop and found about 100 different things that can cause it. Thankfully the problem became evident about an hour later as I tried to boot again and then the system blacked out and rebooted
again. I went into bios and while I was in bios it rebooted. So going on a gut feeling I drug out a old power supply and plugged it into the MB and viola! everything is working again.
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