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I am the one who made that post originally.

I've not always been the best with re-formatting and re-installing my OS, but it makes sense every couple of years. As I said earlier, no amount of using CCleaner and Revo and even registry cleaners can clean out your system and make it run "good as new". (At least in my opinion.)

As I just re-formatted my HD and installed Windows 7 (64-bit), here is my plan. After doing all the windows updates for the new Windows 7 OS, I did an image backup of my system. (I did this before installing any software, including security apps.) I plan on keeping this image around in case I ever want to go back to a totally clean system.

Next, I installed my security apps (AV, HIPS, anti-malware, etc.) and my documents, including MS Office for me (others may choose to use OpenOffice). Then, I made a different image backup. (I have a 500 GB external HD that I save the images to.) I will keep this one around as well.

Lastly, I installed my games and various other non-critical apps. I will not do another image backup (though, others might want to). I don't care all that much if I have to revert back to my image if I lose my game programs and my non-critical apps. I can always re-install those. (Besides, many of my games are several GB's and in total, I probably have close to 75 GB of games. I don't feel a need to do an image backup of these.)

This way, I don't HAVE to do a reformat and reinstall again (unless a new OS comes out); I can just use one of my image backups.

P.S. I back up my documents, pictures, etc. to my external drive and I use Mozy as well. (Some call me a little bit paranoid.....)
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