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Default Why reinstall the operating system

I have been reading some of the older posts on Giizmo and I came across one post that stated that it was a general practice of some of the members on this site to reinstall the operating system on a regular basis. This really intrigued me and I would like to know why one would do this 'regularly'. In fact, it was stated that you should do it at least every 2 years (sorry can not get a link to it to work).

I have been using operating systems that go right back to pure DOS and I have never reinstalled an operating system unless I got myself into something I could not get out of .... last resort, all had turned to concrete and nothing was working. In other words, I got in beyond my skill level.

Do the members reinstall the operating system for a specific purpose other than for a last resort recovery and why would one reinstall every 2 years ... is this a maintenance rule of thumb?