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Originally Posted by antonedp View Post
I'm looking for a free software to make Birthday Invitations & birthday cards, either by program or online site. It would also help if i am able to customize my own card or invitation, for a professional look. Thanks
You might take a look at PagePlus from Serif Software:
Free Serif Software
I don't think PagePlus runs on Windows 7, and you now have to register (send name and email) to get a registration key. Registering also puts you on their mailing list, which you can opt out of when you get a newsletter. They do push upgrading to a newer version.
Personally I use disposable email addresses for such things.
I use Ten Minute mail - they let you add more time if you need it.

Other options are Avery online - they have a pretty good selection of templates.

Scribus is an open source desktop publishing program, I haven't tried it. It may have a bit of a learning curve.

If you have Microsoft Office, there are templates for just about anything at Office Online. You can make cards in Word pretty easily with the templates. If you have a version of Office that includes Publisher I would try that.

On a sort of unrelated note, most printers will take all kinds of paper, you can use nice card stock, textured and decorated paper, and add embellishments after they are printed. Ribbons, buttons, stickers, that sort of thing.

The galleries and tutorials at Split Coast Stampers are a good place to look for ideas, no registration or fees required to use the site.
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