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Tried it out, very interesting.

Had problems installing the VMware Graphics Driver, it cannot detect it within newer versions of VMware-tools. Then used the pre-installed image, but the ReactOS Application Manager would be stuck downloading its list. Pinging Google works fine.
Fixed that by changing Network Adapter to NAT and upgrading to ReactOS-0.3.11-CLT2010. Told me to reboot to finished installing a driver, and finally everything works.

Wonder why it didn't come with a web browser pre-installed. Anyways installed Opera, worked fine for while, but it suddenly froze when I tried to type something on the address bar. Couldn't close the process.

Next, I tried Firefox 2 (just wanted to revisit it). It works fine even on this site.

Overall it's definitely not feature-complete and the software is somewhat lacking, but they've done a good job of it so far. Like the idea of an open-source Windows.
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