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Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
Eye-candy or Minimalist, each has their place. Apple has gone far with their very minimalistic logo. I like Ubuntu's logo, actually I like them both. PCLinuxOS's new logo is definitely an improvement over their old one, but from a designer's point of view it is a little hard to keep their new logo looking consistent over a vast range of media. (i.e. one color printing) Ubuntu is very minimalistic, yet it says something. Ubuntu means community, and the logo is supposed to be three people holding hands. What I think is nice about it is how it lends itself to modification for the other Ubuntu based distros.
I can appreciate the versatility of the logo but rather than 3 people holding hands, it always looks like 3 people in a call centre to me!

Apple's logo is a design classic with its reference to the supposed suicide of Alan Turing by virtue of eating a cyanide laced apple.

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