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Originally Posted by antonedp View Post
Thanks Bob for the reply.I just tried CD Wave Editor. Did the job i needed,although it took a little more time than expected.Never the less i was able to do what was needed to be done with the APE music file. Anyone else out there with another free program to rip a single APE music file (containing a cd or lp all in one file)to convert into mp3 tracks
You're welcome, Antonedp.

Yes, CD Wave Editor does take time to load files into RAM. However, once loaded, it'll do a lot for you. Indeed, it's the only *practically* free software I know of that will do everything you're looking for within a single program.

If anyone knows of an efficient freeware alternative for cutting ape (or flac) files and saving to mp3 without any quality loss, I agree that would be very interesting.

In the meantime, I can say I've been really happy using CD Wave Editor on my home computeer (one that has no lack of memory). So happy in fact that I'll willingly send the developer his $15 soon.
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