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Default effect, the conditions of use are rather unusual . The developer underlines that the program is *shareware*, so my rapid-reply mode use of *donationware* was probably technically incorrect - my apologies!

Nevertheless, the developer does not in pracctice enforce payment, although he makes it clear he expects it [link]:

In short, there is no special registered version, registering it just removes the "Unregistered" notice from the title bar and gives you a slightly different 'about' box.

So the result is a clear conscience. I decided against putting effort into a copy-protection scheme that would be defeated anyway. I dislike software with disabled features too. I feel that people that don't pay for this version wouldn't pay anyway.
I tried to summarize this position when recommending CD Wave Editor in the Best Free Audio Cutter article here:

Although CD Wave Editor is technically shareware rather than freeware (the developer requests $15 if you decide to keep the program after a month), the evaluation version doesn't actually expire and has no practical restrictions.
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