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I have an Aspire One (model ZG5) with a SSD. I have tried several of the linux distros designed for the Acer Aspire One.

Moblin boot speed of 5 to 10 seconds depending on your model is nice, but Moblin by itself is a bit limited. Moblin 2.0 ran very smoothly on my netbook. There is also a OpenSuse moblin remix and a Ubuntu Moblin remix that are full featured. Both being based on Moblin 2.1 kept having kernel errors and crashes on my Acer as did the plain Moblin 2.1. The Moblin re-mixs lost their fast boot speeds and thus their appeal for me. It may have been an incompatibility with my particular model but the Ubuntu version took almost two minutes to boot. In all the versions all the hardware worked out of the box, and battery life was very good.

Ubuntu Netbook remix 9.10. Boot time was about 1 minute. Once up an running most everything worked smoothly. All the hardware worked out of the box as well. My two main complaints were that flash video in any browser was very choppy, and battery life was not all that good.

EasyPeasy. Worked well, but had the same video issues. A bit better than Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Battery life was a little better I think. Nothing extraordinary here, but is a full featured OS. Uses the Netbook Remix GUI.

Linux4one. Don't remember much about this one. It was not overly impressive I guess.

Kuki Linux
. This is my current OS. It runs smoothly and has a good balance of features and boot time. (40 sec.) All the hardware works, but the keyboard function for volume will only lower the volume, not increase it.

Next ones I am planing on trying are Ubuntu 10.4 as it is supposed to have superior boot times (3.6 sec. )for SSD's and I also will probably try Jolicloud. I am also thinking about trying Mandriva. When it is ready I will probably tinker with Meego but suspect it might have the kernel problems I experienced with Moblin 2.1.

Here is a great list of netbook tuned distros.
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