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@freedog96150: Thanks!

Tried out PcDecrapifier, nothing detected (which means I did quite a though job).
Installed CCleaner and chose every item excluding DNS cache, Start Menu Shortcuts, Desktop Shortcuts, Custom Files and Folders, Wipe Free Space. Saved me 15 mb.

I'm going to manually install Windows Updates with my flash drive. Saves space and time (the ssd is on the slower side, it was refurbished).

Also going to install a ramdisk with imaging (512 mb, 1.5 gb RAM total). Next are SandBoxie, Macrium Reflect, 7-zip, VLC or KM Player, and Irfanview.
Gonna install most of it in RamDisk (excluding SandBoxie and maybe Macrium Reflect). Gonna move Firefox, Ccleaner, and Malwarebytes' to the Ramdisk as well.

Well there are some file not found on my autoruns, should I disable them?

That's it for the night, awaiting good replies by tomorrow.
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