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Well it this has sure been one of the most anticipated releases I can ever remember. Everything I have seen looks pretty good. Moving the buttons around is not that big of a deal for me, as I have used themes before that switched them around, and it took like 10 minutes to get used to it. Ubuntu is really becoming a very nice OS and I think that it has the potential of attracting more and more Win users who become disenchanted with MS.

I have a brand new hard drive sitting on my desk begging to be used. I usually always wait for a month after a release before getting on board to allow for most of the initial bugs to be worked out. This time I think I am going to go ahead and install it on my new hd and play around with it, while keeping my current release as my main OS. I usually use Linux Mint as my main distro, and they usually don't release for a month after Ubuntu does. Which means Mint is usually more stable, but you have to wait longer. If all goes well with 10.4 then I will probably migrate over to the Minty flavored Ubuntu in a month or so.
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