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Default Arora Web Browser

Has anyone tried Arora Browser? I recently came across it, and it looks good.

Its based on QtWebKit, a port of Webkit engine, the same on which Qt Web Browser is built on.

Its fast to load, is lightweight, has privacy mode, has AdBlock built-in.

I gave it a try, and it seems good. I was surprised when downloads were transferred to Orbit Download Manager, without my doing anything about it. I don't know how that happened, but it was amazing... because a browser supporting external download manager is important for me, since I download a lot.

Things which I think that Arora lacks is, support for extensions... so that means no WOT, or other extensions. The browser did not seem very customizable to me. Home page button is missing, and no way to get it on.

Like Qt Web Browser, this browser has potential too.. so hope to see something good come out of it in the future. Its development had stopped in between for quite some time, but has started again since Feb 2010. So, hope to see positive changes as development goes on.

People who are interested in it, and are looking for something new to try, then you can give Arora a go.
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