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Hi luckyjim1968,

thanks for your comment. I understand where you (and also Boris) are coming from.

With DVDProfiler you are not only getting the software but also free access to a huge online DVD database at Invelos, holding the profile data that gets downloaded at certain events. I can't remember that there was a larger initial download in my case though. However, one advantage is that this database is also fed by the many users that provide details like individual cover scans, easter eggs and other DVD specialities. I haven't seen any other "free" product offering so much DVD details at your fingertip.

"Free" of course is restricted in this case. And I absolutely agree with you, it is annoying to loose some nice features when you get above 50 DVDs. No doubt about that. If you know your collection is definitely getting bigger than that, then there are also the contenders that have no such restriction.

The GUI is indeed quite busy, as you put it. But if I was given the task the design a configurable layout that can display all possible information - I would not know how to do it differently. At least it is configurable and you can make it very simple and un-busy if you like.

I also like Mbase 2 a lot. However, it is not a DVD collection software but a Movie collection software. Because it does not offer any DVD related details it cannot be considered in this category. Think about UPC codes, audio tracks, subtitle tracks, special features, boxing and such or if you have two DVDs of the same movie from different countries or with different features. But again, what it does it does very well and is easy to use. I also like the GUI, it was done with much attention to the detail. If I just wanted to register the movies I own, Mbase 2 would be my first choice.

Btw, I have contacted Invelos the other day to provide me with a better description of the restrictions of the free version.
Best regards, George
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