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Default DVD Profiler

I had the same experience as Boris: after installation I wanted to add a movie but first it downloaded a considerable amount of data.

As far as I can remember these were "profiles" and came in ten separate chunks.

More generally I found the layout much too busy and in contrast to the reviewer the disabled options (after adding fifty DVD) were much missed.

There wouldn't be much use disabling obscure options if you follow this business model.

On a reading another poster's comment I decided to try Mbase2 which I found to be an absolute joy to use, especially compared to DVD Profiler.

It has a clean interface, intelligent layout, is unrestricted in use (for example the location field is freeform) and is very straightforward to use. On top of which it is absolutely free and portable.

It should be noted that MBase2 indexes by film rather than by DVD release, so you can catalogue your avi and mpeg files as well as "hard" DVD.

The flip side of this is that it doesn't provide information such what sort of box your DVD came in or if it contains extra features.

Personally, I don't care about such things but I do want to filter by director (for example) which DVD Profiler won't do after it becomes restricted.
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