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Thanks Freedog96150, I'm a bit reluctant to try the KB article fix as it appears to be for a drive which isn't recognised. Mine is there alright and it can play music CD'd and film DVD's OK. It just seems to be the Acer recovery writing app.

I've already been to Acer's tech support site, they haven't been much help so far, they did offer to send me a form to apply for a set of disks but when I gave them my address in Turkey (even though the laptop was purchased in the UK) they suggested I contact my "local" support in Dubia .

I did see a "fix" on Acer's tech site for a similar 0x205 error on Vista 64 bit, but don't know if it would work on Win 7 - 64 bit.

I've already downloaded Nero 9 Lite but not installed it yet, so I might try to write something with that as you suggest. I'll keep you informed on progress, if any.
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