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I can see that you cross-posted over at MS support forums as well. I saw one answer returned directing you to this KB article. Hopefully the suggestions work, but if not, here is the process I would follow.

Go to ACER support website and make sure you are using the latest drivers for your CD/DVD burner. You might also need to look at the drive vendors website as well. It very well may be a compatibility issue with Windows 7 but the latest drivers may solve that problem.

Next, I would download one of the one of the free CD burner apps as recommended here and burn some random files/mp3/whatever to disk. If you can successfully burn files to disk, then download on of the free image programs from here and burn some backup images of your hard drive. Verify all images. I know that this takes twice as long, but it is important at this point to have confidence that your images are good.

If you are not getting good image disks as this point, then I would suspect hardware. Since the unit is new, getting the drive replaced under warranty should be easy. If everything burned fine, then you can point the finger at the recovery DVD app. I have seen cases where the recovery app does not work with Vista when it was first released. Could be the same thing here.

You should be able to get the recovery disks from Acer. If not, then just Google "Legal Windows 7 Downloads" and one of the top 3 will take you to Digital River or Microsoft where you can download the install disks. ** NOTE ** These install disks will get you nothing without a valid key. Digital River is one of MS biggest distributors and they are on the up and up.

I know issues like this can be frustrating. A plan of attack with a basic punch list of things to try should isolate your problem. Please keep us posted on the progress.
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