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My view on these issues covers two aspects:

1. It is not up to us to judge how our site visitors use software we recommend. So if a piece of software can be used for legal purposes and illegal purposes we should not exclude it just because someone may use it inappropriately.

2. If we do recommend software that can be used both for legal and illegal purposes we must be very careful never to imply or give examples hinting at any possible illegal use.

A good example is password revealers. These are really handy tools that everyone should have in their toolkit even though some people may use them the wrong way. However when mentioning a password revealer we should never suggest in any way that it could be used to reveal other people's passwords.

I think VideoCacheView falls into this category.

There are some products like keyloggers where the legal use is marginal or non existent. We should stay well away from such products.

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