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While it is possible to record streaming media, you need to be very aware that a lot of streamed content is copyright and that recording such content may violate the copyright laws of your country.
I'd like to inform everyone about this wonderful freeware I use frequently, VideoCacheView (
This utility grabs any videos stored in your browser's cache or temporary folder (including of course, Youtube).

If you're currently streaming a video, it's likely that it will be currently stored in the temporary folder as fla???.tmp. VideoCacheView copies that file to anywhere you want (for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera only). It's best if you do that when the video is fully loaded to avoid corruption. More information:
If the video is saved in the browser cache (in the case of YouTube) then it will always be available to copy out of, until you clear your cache.

I've also tried it with IronPortable, it doesn't detect the temporary flash files, but it does detect the browser cached youtube videos.

Unless the site you're streaming the video from uses encryption, it wil always capture those videos 9at least in my experience).

I have recommended this before on the Best Free Streaming Media Recorder, but was ignored.

Ultimately VideoCacheView saves bandwidth and time, no point using those downloaders anymore (except maybe for encrypted videos, ie Hulu, Tv Company sites, etc).

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