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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Well, my motive is not to make petty arguments, just saying what I saw, and felt. My immediate reaction on seeing the new Opera was that the look is like Chrome. I don't know about the browser's history in detail though. I haven't used Maxthon at all, so I really can't say anything about it. Browsers have been picking up on features from each other. With so many browsers out there, it really is quite a competition.

Sometime ago, Firefox mock themes had come out, which had tabs with the look of Chrome. I was thinking to myself, why are they trying to get a look like that.. which would seem an imitation. I like the Firefox present tab look the best, and wish they will not change it. Meaning to say, if Firefox also change their look later by getting inspired from another browser, I would not like it.

Anyways, yes, looks will not matter much... what will matter is how the browser performs ultimately.
I am sure Opera and Firefox are customisable enough so that if you don't like it you can change it, unlike Chrome. Don't doubt your motivations but we are all biased in favor of our favorite browsers and sometimes we have to see how objective our way of judging browsers is especially if we are not just an end user but also referees on a freeware site.
The day Opera 10.5's first build was released, on the same day or 1 or 2 days ago Firefox 4 mockups had been released and a popular tech blog went as far as to say that Opera 10.5's 'real build' was copying from Firefox's 'mockups'.
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