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Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
He is saying that since he is already viewing the page, downloading the page is done at least once so why do that again? The transfer on saving should be from cache to hard-disk. not from web to hard-disk.
Ah OK, so that's what he was saying. Sorry, I misunderstood. Things were not clear for me, from his post.

Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
You have never fiddled around with old versions of Opera, have you? The Show menu bar option has been there for long, but it became enabled by default in 10.5 . I don't think suddenly enabling that option is a radical change from their skin earlier prompted by a new browser.
The only thing Chrome brought was removal of title-bar.
Well, by menu bar, I meant the bar with File, Edit, View etc. You are referring to title bar in your post. Title bar is where the title of the page appears. Both are different. Chrome does not have both. There is no title bar, as well as no menu bar. And Opera have adopted the same too. Menu bar was there for Opera before... but they have done away with it, and the browser now seems like Chrome, there is no denying that fact.

And yes, I have used older versions of Opera... but not much... so I wouldn't know about Opera in that detail.

Thanks for explaining about the caching and memory use of different browsers.
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