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This is my sad story of attempts to update to Java Runtime 6 update 18 from 17:

I use OpenOffice which comes with Java and requires Java (for running even elementary recorded macros).

So OO.o 3.2 installed perfectly with Java on one computer. I later got the itch to install the portable version of OO.o 3.2 with Java and that also went smoothly on the same PC. After reading here that update 19 is out, I downloaded and updated version 19 without any problem.

However, with another PC, it's just one failure after another:
  • with the JRE that came with OO.o 3.2
  • with the portable version or with a direct download from the Java site (got some reg.dll error)
  • or by trying to install an offline version as suggested by Java (but the installer claimed falsely that the latest version is already installed)...
All the errors I got have been experienced by some other unfortunates. Registry clean-up, removing all traces of Java (but I renamed the one working Java directory containing JRE 17 so as not to lose it), use of JavaRa, etc., nothing convinced the Java installer that I don't have the latest version installed. (I had JRE 17 and wanted to update to JRE 18).

Anyone has encountered problems updating and has some tips for me?

I'm downloading JRE 19 (jre-6u19-windows-i586.exe 15.5 MB) now from Softpedia via Firefox because my net connection on this PC is dodgy and FF now facilitates resume downloads. If I try to download from and the net drops, it's back to zero for me.

I will keep a systematic note of the error wording which I'm sure to see again

Added in edit:
Installation went perfectly. The JRE 19 is seen by both Firefox and by OpenOffice. Perhaps, the threat of TSA minds focusing on the issue was enough

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