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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I have not experienced hangs, freezes, crashes with Firefox. Yes, its slow to startup, but otherwise, I have not experienced crashes with Firefox. Very very rarely. So, I don't agree with your point that its way behind other browsers. I have had more crashes with K-Meleon, and Iron.

Also, in terms of memory use too, Firefox performs better. Chrome/Iron use sandboxing feature, where every tab is treated as a process, and I have observed, this feature takes more memory for the same number of tabs open... than Firefox.
Firefox can't really be blamed for the crashes which are usually caused by some addons. When I used it crashed as often as once in fifteen minutes which I think was because of some conflicts between some addons. I didn't have the patience to switch to safe mode and diagnose my issue. Same could be said about hangs etc. Addons rather than the browser itself are often to blame. But then if a browser itself is incomplete without the addons then it should take steps to prevent conflicts. (And Chrome does that with different processes for each extension.)

About your second point I have to say that increased memory usage on Firefox always seems to come with a slowdown.(Memory leak by some extension? perhaps). However on Chrome/Opera I have to say that high periods of memory usage have not corresponded to a slowdown.
Also in Chrome a tab being closed reclaims that memory unlike in Firefox. So that's better memory management on the whole.

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