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Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
Where did you get this news? At the very best I know that there's a plan to integrate webkit's javascript engine and firefox's tracemonkey to get the best of both worlds for use on Firefox.
There is no danger to Gecko whatsoever as far as I know and webkit isn't going to replace it.
Ah yes, that's the correct news!! Thanks sa1, for correcting the news. Don't know where I had read it, and I did not remember the exact words.. that's why I said Firefox was planning to move to Webkit engine. You are correct with the news that you gave . Thanks again.

Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
I agree that Firefox is slower than Chrome but really as far as I can tell speed differences in javascript and rendering performance is close to imperceptible on most sites today, Gmail being an exception being perceptibly slower on IE.
I agree, there is not much difference between Firefox and Chrome in terms of speed, but still, there is tiny amount of difference. I can really feel the difference in opening Gmail on Firefox, and on Chrome/Iron. Gmail and Google Reader open way faster on Iron/Chrome than on Firefox. On Firefox, Gmail seems to crawl and then open, but on Iron/Chrome, its like a breeze.

Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
The one area where speed differences are perceptible yet is not measured by most benchmarks is application speed. The lagginess, the hangs, freezes,etc and I think that is where Firefox is way behind other browsers except IE.
In that case a switch to Webkit from Gecko isn't going to help even a bit.
I have not experienced hangs, freezes, crashes with Firefox. Yes, its slow to startup, but otherwise, I have not experienced crashes with Firefox. Very very rarely. So, I don't agree with your point that its way behind other browsers. I have had more crashes with K-Meleon, and Iron.

Also, in terms of memory use too, Firefox performs better. Chrome/Iron use sandboxing feature, where every tab is treated as a process, and I have observed, this feature takes more memory for the same number of tabs open... than Firefox.
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