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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Firefox has been planning to shift to webkit engine.
Where did you get this news? At the very best I know that there's a plan to integrate webkit's javascript engine and firefox's tracemonkey to get the best of both worlds for use on Firefox.
There is no danger to Gecko whatsoever as far as I know and webkit isn't going to replace it.
That would be very interesting, as webkit engine is known to be quite fast.
My views on browser speed:
I agree that Firefox is slower than Chrome but really as far as I can tell speed differences in javascript and rendering performance is close to imperceptible on most sites today, Gmail being an exception being perceptibly slower on IE. The point of javascript performance today in many browsers is to be "future"-ready.(and marketing )
The "future" being when IE upgrades its Javascript performance so that sites can begin using complicated scripting.
The one area where speed differences are perceptible yet is not measured by most benchmarks is application speed. The lagginess, the hangs, freezes,etc and I think that is where Firefox is way behind other browsers except IE.
In that case a switch to Webkit from Gecko isn't going to help even a bit.

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