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Slow startup has always been problem of Firefox since earlier versions. It was said that things would improve with Firefox 3.6, but this was not to be. Speed of loading of webpages has increased considerably, which is quite good, and I think more needed. But, the slow loading remains the same.

I have observed that as Firefox installation grows old, startup time increases. I have also noticed that when I do total un-installation, and re-installation of Firefox, the startup time decreases considerably. So, if it feels that it has become too slow to load up, you can try re-installing it. Take backup of your important things first though, like bookmarks, extensions, themes etc. I use FEBE for backup, works great.

Also might be worth mentioning, that another member had a really big problem with slow startup, ranging to 4 mins . The problem was it seems he had not been cleaning the temp files, and other browser related material regularly... specially the flash related material was the cause. When the flash cookies, etc were deleted, Firefox loaded really quick. So, regular cleaning with software like CCleaner will help too.

Rhiannon had posted article on that recently, on how to deal with flash cookies.

BleachBit, a CCleaner type cleaning software is able to remove the flash related material very well, apart from cleaning other things.
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