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You are welcome .

I agree, Firefox is a great software, and I have used it for years. But, since news was confirmed of vulnerability in Firefox 3.6, I started to use SRWare Iron... and now I am using it more and more. After using SRWare Iron, Firefox feels bloated to me. Also, Firefox is slower than SRWare Iron/Chrome.

Although Iron has crashed on me a number of times, when using bookmarks, and I have occasionally experienced heavy memory usage, I am still using it more than Firefox these days.

Recently held Pwn2Own contest in which Chrome remained unhacked, also pushed me to keep using Iron, which is based on Chrome.

But yes, I do agree, Firefox, with all its add-ons, provides a complete browsing experience. I never had any problems with Firefox anytime, with websites not opening correctly, or crashes or anything like that.

Firefox has been planning to shift to webkit engine. That would be very interesting, as webkit engine is known to be quite fast. It will be quite interesting to see what happens when Firefox gives competition to Chrome in terms of speed. Looking at the Chrome being unhackable, because of its sandboxing feature, we may see that happening in other browsers too. Although, that leads to heavy memory consumption IMO, because every tab is treated as a process... and when the whole browser crashes, like it happened to me a few days ago.. you have to kill process for every single tab... can be quite a pain.
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