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I have been following these posts with a great deal of interest. If you have Windows of any stripe, you get IE8 if you use it or not. Most ISPs default to IE8, so there is yet another hook. I use FF most of the time with some add-ons (Foxit, Wot, Better Privacy, NoScript and Sun Java is enabled).

I have also been following MCs post on the 'browser hacking competition' and thought that Chrome might be worth a test drive. The swiftness with which IE8 and FF got hacked is probably not a surprise to Secunia users, however, if the vulnerabilities that are discovered in this competition are not addressed, then what is the value of such an exercise? How long has it been since IE8 & FF have known about the inherent security exposures brought to bare by browser add-ons, such as JAVA, PDF readers, shockwave products and other add-ons. The browser guys point their finger at them & they have a 'so what' attitude.

So to Chrome... is this the way to go? Is this a 'next generation browser'?

Is Chrome as dexterous and as robust as IE8, Opera, FF and others, or does it come with a myriad of limitations that I should be aware of?
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