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I don't know why people use the latest version of every webware or server app - they can't possibly be secure. If you are using the latest version series, you're out on the bleeding edge and nothing more than a glorified beta tester.

What exactly are the perceived advantages to it? I just can't see. All you did was buy into the latest shiny bling. Who cares. Are humans any better than magpies? Apparently not.

There are plenty of negatives though: half the best plugins don't work, there is a new exploit every day, they changed the GUI so it's a pig to use - and all the rest. We've already got one team member here whose Ffx 3.6 has been hijacked by a rootkit and is playing him every which way.

Just don't do it.

So says this miserable old git anyway. Things went downhill rapidly after Windows 3.1.........
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