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You whetted my curiosity about Linux genealogy, so I hunted around and found this PNG that has a pretty interesting layout. Amazing to see how the majority of our current distros are forks off of Debian, Redhat, Slackware, and small selection of others I have never heard about. Debian has the most forks and that is no surprise to me.

What was a total surprise was seeing that darling of some, Puppy, is its own beast. It just starts and does not look like a fork of anything. Maybe it was originally a Linux from Scratch project and that is why it is so mean and lean.

To contribute to the war, I absolutely love RHEL and its forks (mainly CentOS) for servers but do not like the desktop versions - too boring. Did I mention that when you purchase server class hardware, you can always find RH drivers? Ubuntu and its forks are my go to desktop distros. I have mentioned in other threads that my current fav is Mint and the shine has not tarnished yet. I am not that big of a fan of Ubuntu server or other "server" forks off Debian. They are simply too heavy when you install them and you spend too much time uninstalling unnecessary apps. I aim that comment at Debian forks and hold Debian itself separate from that comment.

As to package managers...meh...all the same. Yum or Apt - if you know how to use them and modify repos, you can load whatever you want. Anyone ever need help locating pre-compiled packages, drop me a PM and I will give you some places to hunt. There are a ton of private repos out there for the using.
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