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@kendall: Yes you did. Thanks.

Anyways, upon closer inspection this seems to be a barebone operating system with very little GUI and mainly controlled by the command line. By barebone I mean most of the services and control panel items are gone, leaving behind mostly core, network, and driver essentials.
At least I can still install programs on it, but software that depends on windows components will not work correctly. Some might not work at all.

So far I've managed to install Q-Dir 64-bit and Emerge Desktop 64-bit Developement Release. Q-Dir works fine for the most part, while Emerge Desktop displays weirdly in gray boxes but is still functional.
There is still no desktop but with Emerge I have a right click menu with basic access to start menu, desktop, quick launch, run, logoff, and shutdown. Accessing My Computer and Recycle Bin via this menu doesn't work because there's no Windows Explorer plus Display Properties doesn't work as well (no control panel item).
How do you access the Recycle Bin (if there's any) without Windows Explorer anyhow?

All in all, this is definitely not a system for a command-line newbie like me, but it's still very interesting.
Once again, I have to emphasize that despite being a Windows OS, it's free.
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