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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
I just want to say that I'm really surprise that a new version, 4.2, of Puppy Linux was released a few days ago which made me really want to scream in dismay as I've just wasted 4Hrs downloading the last latest version 4.1.2 a few weeks ago. Not to mention I've wasted one of my CD-R. Nevertheless, the new version seems very promising and quite good. Their size seems to get larger and larger, just hope the don't get TOO large for me to download.
I can understand your reaction when you saw the new version of Puppy Linux . I had seen the update a few days ago, and I had immediately thought of you regarding this. This is quite a problem with such Live CDs, or CDs like Ultimate Boot CD, or UBCD4Win. You have to download the whole ISO again, when there is any new version. A good solution would be to use re-writable CDs.

I think the CD size will keep increasing, as they attempt to accommodate more and more programs. But still, they should keep the size small, so as to still call it a Puppy, otherwise they should start calling it as Doggy Linux .
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