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Sorry to hear you are having trouble, there are a lot of factors involved that could be causing your problem.

I'm timing recent load times of 2 or 3 minutes.
That is not normal even for an older machines than yours. You could try backing up your bookmarks. Then fully uninstall it. Download the newest version since it has speed improvements then re-install.

I reduced my Yahoo toolbar apps to a minimum & it kind of helped but...
Definitely try J.L's suggestion. I could be a add-on that is causing the trouble.

Is there a stripped-down, open source, speedy loading version of FF? I don't need the 'bells & whistles' I just want something that loads fast & does the job?
(FYI, Firefox is open source) There are other browsers that are based on the same gecko engine and Mozilla source code, like Seamonkey. As was suggested by vasa, K-melon is very lite and should load very fast for you, but it is not based on the same sources as FF. In my personal tests K-melon was very responsive on the system, but it is a little on the slow side for loading webpages. You could try the latest Google Chrome, or Opera as well. They are very fast. This link may be of help
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