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BK there are always updates with Linux. Puppy is great, in fact I use it to rescue stuff on my disks or other people computers when their OS isn't working. So keep a copy handy for those emrgences. I have now a love hate relatioship with Linux. It took me ages to find a stable Linux for my old machine and it was Mandriva 2009.1 that was brilliant, but the old machine's motherboard went and I have a 64bit comp. I have gone through 4 diistro's in the last 4 weeks and as yet none seem stable, I seem to spend my time trying to fix the problems instead of computing. So when you get a good Distro working its great, but it really is tear your hair out time if it ain't working. And, when you are on the forum every five minutes you no its time to quit. My next step is MEPIS 64bit I will see how that goes. Two things I request, one is that Wine works correctly with Photoshop (as you can have several problems and I have most of them (must be my magnetic charm))and the other is I DON'T have gnome. So I always opt for the KDE.

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