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Originally Posted by sa1 View Post
About the welcome thanks. But see my join date. I used to be quite active in the comments earlier but since this forum was created I have been having problems. Whenever I log into this forum, I get redirected to the main site and coming back doesn't preserve my login status. Problem has existed since that time till today. Today I found a workaround as in logging in while replying doesn't redirect you to the main site. Known issue?
Yes sa1, that is a known issue, because the site and forum are based on two different software. So some issues are there. With further versions of the software, we hope that this issue will get resolved.

You can take a look at this post to help with login. I have provided some steps to login without problems. Hope they will be of help.

And you should have asked site moderators to help you, if you were having login problems since long time. Anyways, glad to have you, welcome .
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