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Originally Posted by JMCAD View Post
Somehow I lost the driver for the external monitor that I used for my laptop. I may have disabled or deleted it. I would like to know how to reinstall it. I tried following the steps provide by Microsoft but it does not even recognize that I have another monitor. I tried the monitor on my son's laptop and it works well.

I have Windows XP and am using a Dell Latitude D610. The monitor is an acer Model No. P221W.

If anyone knows how to fix it I would be greatful.

Right click on My Computer in the startmenu>SystemProperties>Hardware>
Device Manager. Under Monitors you can update the driver or enable driver; assuming you disabled it.

If you deleted the driver then go to the Acer website to download the correct driver.

However, the above link only gives the OS as Vista and not XP! What is your son's OS?

Hope this helps!
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