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Post Need Help with External Monitor

Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
Are we saying that windows built in driver update doesn't work very well?

I used to use drivermax. Not anymore and I would not recommend it either. If it aint broke don't fix it. For now I use Double Driver to make a backup. I will periodically Check my computers website and check for driver updates from there. The biggest problem I have had with drivers is that they sometimes for what ever reason become corrupted. Thats when the backups are handy.

Somehow I lost the driver for the external monitor that I used for my laptop. I may have disabled or deleted it. I would like to know how to reinstall it. I tried following the steps provide by Microsoft but it does not even recognize that I have another monitor. I tried the monitor on my son's laptop and it works well.

I have Windows XP and am using a Dell Latitude D610. The monitor is an acer Model No. P221W.

If anyone knows how to fix it I would be greatful.

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