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The plot thickens....

Ok. Since you can ping other computers in your network, you can ping your gateway, you can ping your DNS servers, you can ping an outside URL - it is obvious that connectivity is there. The problem comes full circle to either a browser specific issue or a firewall issue.

I assume that for the purpose of troubleshooting you have disabled ALL firewalls (windows and/or any third party)? What about the proxy setting in your control panel --> Internet settings? Did something get set in the proxy box? If there is something there and you know that you are NOT behind a proxy, then reset back to automatic.

Now I would like you to try to start your browser from the command-line in "safe mode" and report back what happens.

For Internet Explorer: iexplore -extoff
For Firefox: firefox -safe-mode [you will get a box. click on disable addons and then click the safe mode button]

If running in safe mode re-enables your ability to browse the internet, then you know that there is an add-on or a BHO (browser helper object) that is blocking your access. You would simply disable all and turn them back on one-by-one until you find the culprit.

If running is safe mode does not grant you access, then it is on to some more troubleshooting.
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