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Originally Posted by freedog96150 View Post
I can see why people like UE. Everything, including WINE to run all your windows apps, is included in a default install. Me...I am finding that simple is better, and besides, nothing is much more than an apt-get install away (YUM Install for all you RH derivative users).
Simple is in the eye of the beholder
As a self proclaimed average user. I agree, apt-get is a wonderful way to install software....Until....The software you want isn't in the repository. Although I have successfully installed software via the command line by putting together a package. It was in no way a straight forward procedure. Lots of cut n paste to the command line. That is how the average user does it. I want to give the RH distro's another try and a few other types. Just so I can get a feel for myself. Forums can only take you so far
UE maybe a lesson in frustration but so far that's been much of my experiences with linux. Its also been fun too

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