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I'm still very much in love with desktop Linux despite my TSA Linux support role and mostly using x64 Windows 7 Ultimate.

I find the phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt' a very interesting one. Depending on how you approach it, it can mean many things. A twist on its' meaning came up for me yesterday and certainly made me stop and think.

My dear sister is head of Human Resources for a very large UK firm. She has decided to setup on her own and will initially need a laptop. I had a chat with her, hoping to save her some money, but got the 'Microsoft, Microsoft, blah, blah, bit.' And I'm the one with a 1st in computer science and over twenty years experience. Proof again, if it were needed, that money talks

Before I get bashed, I know we shouldn't use people as experiments, it was just being in the family....

Anyway, hope springs eternal, if things work out for her, and I'm sure they will, she will want little bro to do a web site for her. There won't be anything MS in site (sic)

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