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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
it should be done from the site of the manufacturer of that hardware.
I agree.

In some cases Manufacturers do not support the required drivers.
As an example a computer that was supplied with XP, but the manufacturer does not include Windows 7 drivers.
In this case: Still contact the manufacturer first. ie They may state that they can supply all drivers except one (like Sound or Modem) This won't be an issue if you decide to update this hardware (in a PC)
You can also search these types of not supported drivers at Google, some users have made their own personal hardware drivers that may work.

Regarding 3rd party Driver Update programs.
Don't use them. I don't and I pride myself on finding any driver that exists.
These "programs" can be used to share your downloads online, or worse: They may ask for money.
Generally (ie always) I have never found a need for them, even after trying, then uninstalling them.

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