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Default A-Squared Serious False Positive

Anyone running Win XP Home or Pro?

I installed A-Squared on my wife's computer as an on demand scanner, and it identified what it thinks are two high-risk trojans in the files "Taskman.exe" & "Systray.exe"

I tested the same two files on and a-squared there returned the same result but it was the only one. I then uploaded taskman.exe and systray.exe from my virtualbox installation of XP Pro and got the same result. I further tried files from a third installation of XP with the same result. The MD5 hashes are the same as other peoples who have scanned the files.

Can someone else upload their copies and confirm this? Taskman.exe is located in C:\Windows, and Systray.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32

These are some pretty important operating system files for A-Squared to be identifying as trojans.
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