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Default Advice for my new PC.

I'm retiring my 8 year old PC. The system I have been looking at is a barebones system with no OS on it. Currently I run XP Pro SP3 on my old PC and use Office XP 2002.

This new system is not a high-end system. It's entry level power and will only be used for Internet (Banking, Amazon, BestBuy,eBay), Office apps, e-mail, MSN and creating CD's for my car.

This new system is Dual-Core 2.7, 320GB HD, 2GB Ram, CD/DVD burner.

Is it necessary for the security side of things to upgrade to newer Windows, either Vista or 7, or will I be fine with my XP combo.

Please note I am cheap. But in the interest of security I will spend what I need to. Freeware for security is a must since software to run the machine costs more than the machine!
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