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Hi, welcome to the forum .

Thanks for the suggestion. But I don't think such a list is required.

Drivers are something for which frequent updates are not required. If a driver update or download is required, it should be done from the site of the manufacturer of that hardware. That's where you will get the correct driver, and that is the right place to look for drivers, nowhere else.

Wrong driver updates can cause a lot of problems... boot trouble, BSODs, frequent hang ups etc. Therefore, you should be very careful with driver updates. There are many websites out there, or softwares, which lure users for these driver updates. But, the original manufacturer's website is where you should look first. Most of them, keep drivers for old hardware too. New ones can be found without any trouble.

Occasionally, you can have problem looking for some drivers of old hardware, then you need to look for other sites... not until then.
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