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Hi Anupam.
Wierdly, the problem was solved by removing PC Tools ThreatFire. I was using ThreatFire as an on demand scanner (Avast as main AV) with no problems, but a few days ago one of my games (FEAR) just stopped working. I tried to work out why, but i'm just not clever enough. Just out of curiosity, I then removed everything I had installed after FEAR, testing the game after each app had uninstalled, but with no success unti I removed ThreatFire. As soon as ThreatFire was gone my entire system speeded up (I had noticed it had slowed down but had not yet figured out why: even opening the control panel took around two - three seconds)and the game started up just fine. So anyway, FastBoot uninstalled in seconds with no probs, except now I don't have a secondary av scanner. Do you have any idea why ThreatFire affected my system in this way?

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