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Default Stop constant hard disk activity by Firefox

If you are using Firefox, then some of you might have noticed, that while Firefox is on, the hard disk shows constant activity, or disk churns.

The main reason for this is the bookmark folder containing RSS feeds. This can be found here : Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar > Latest Headlines

This feed is kept updated by Firefox, and this causes constant hard disk activity. The folder can be deleted, via right click. This drastically reduces the amount of hard disk activity by Firefox. Anything else connected with the RSS feed in the Bookmarks Toolbar could be deleted too.

Instead of keeping track of RSS via the live feed, you can make use of Google Reader, which is a much better option. You can also use desktop applications like RSS Owl, Snarfer, or Feed Demon etc.

Another reason why Firefox sometimes performs disk churning, is because it updates its database of attack site, and forgery sites via Google. But, frequency of this update is low... maybe once in an hour. Also, its important from security point of view. This kind of disk churn is also seen when Avast updates its virus definitions. So, its not much of a concern, because it occurs only for a short period of time.

Still, if you are bugged by the occasional disk churn, then you can turn this off. This is how.

Go to Tools > Options > Security.

Uncheck "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries".

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